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Binweevils-Bin Cinema Reviews

Hello Binweevils MAnia

BIN CINEMA REVIEWS , LEt's read this great info for you ...

Bin Cinema Reviews

September 27th, 2010

Keep those fabulous Bin Cinema reviews coming! Brand new episodes are popping up in Rigg’s Palladium every day, so what are you waiting for? There’s no need to fight for the remote when you can chill out in the Bin. Or why not invite a weevil pal to watch cartoons together in one of the Bod Pods!

Here’s what some weevils had to say about the new shows:

I watched Brush Lee film which is very funny! It told you to be safe at same time. Household items come alive and made me laugh!

hi my favourite show is the cramp twins i think it is harlarious it is sooo funnyy my favourite part is where wayne keeps calling lution “girl pants” lol i think its is soo funny i watch all the new ones and my favourite is the one were lution creates swamp plants in everyones garden! its really cool

My favourtie show is binweevils because I think clotts really dopey and funny and tnik trys to be sencable but is still funny ny favouite episoide is the Gams birthday one when clott puts the stuff in the cannon the it explodes!!!!
Over all reveiw: 9/10 Its really funny and it brightens your day

BINTASTIC! This week’s selected Bin Cinema reviewers have each received 1000 Mulch!

Want to have your opinion heard? Watch all the shows, then review your favourite show or episode in the comments here!Please keep your review to 150 words or less. You can review more than one show, but please leave each review in a separate comment.

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